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Why We're Different?

We looked at the crowded "healthy snacks" market and noticed that much of the overcrowding was actually caused by options that only appear to be healthy choices but really belong in the "regular snacks" category. Too many products highlight random claims, but when looking at these closer they generally fall short of the very claim they stake their brand on. 

We set out to create products that would really deliver on the healthy promise - starting with a delicious high protein, high fibre, low sugar snack bar.  After 18 months of development, we launched first in Canada in June 2018.  We now have nutritionists, dieticians and naturopathic doctors endorsing our products - that's how healthy they are!  That can't be said about many other snacks on the market.

So many buzz terms out there...we prefer to simply say:


For us:

  • "Clean ingredients" means all-natural, non-GMO, allergen friendly
  • "Functional ingredients" means that each ingredient is chosen to provide a specific nutritional benefit
  • "Balanced" means well-balanced macro-nutritional values AND well-balanced ingredient ratios
  • "Vegan" means 100% plant-based, no risk of cross-contamination
  • "Nothing artificial" applies to all ingredients flavours, sweeteners, colours

KINWA BAR is an amazingly tasty, nutrient-dense snack that's a treat to eat. 

We encourage you to read labels, ask questions and Think/Eat Differently™ about what you choose to put into your body.

We hope you choose to join our thousands of happy customers and give our deliciously nutritious KINWA BAR a try!


Daron, Founder & President

Eat to Life Inc.

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